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Your FREE Copy of The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain [eBook]

Your FREE Copy of The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain [eBook]

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This is eBook #1 in the Clean Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance series. It will be delivered by BookFunnel to your email inbox.

A Cinderella Sweet & Clean Romance Retelling…

A Billionaire software developer impatient to claim his inheritance, a childhood friend determined to save her late father’s ranch, and a marriage of convenience.

Adam Stevenson, must marry in 30 days to receive his great-grandfather's inheritance.

The walls around Adam's heart, won't let him fall in love. He fears being responsible for another person he loves dying… a belief which has kept love strictly out of bounds.

With his heart firmly caged in and with no intention of being tied down longer than a year, Adam proposes a marriage in name only to the girl-next-door, Elle Jennings.

Elle is desperate to save her dad's ranch from foreclosure. She has 3 weeks to do it.

All alone in the world, except for a stepmother and stepsister who dislike her, Elle wants to hold onto the one thing that brings her a sense of belonging... her father's ranch.

When Adam asks her to be his fake wife, she agrees... with certain conditions.

They agree to strict guidelines: 1) keep this a business arrangement 2) do not fall in love.

It's only for one year. What could possibly go wrong with a marriage bargain?

Grab your eBook of The Billionaire’s Marriage Bargain today to satisfy your craving for small town, second chance sweet and clean romance.

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Reviews for The Billionaire's Marriage Bargain:

***** "If
this book doesn't have you glued to the pages, well.... Lots of heartache, lost ways, and walls make fake really hard to handle. The caring hearts these characters have will just floor you. A don't miss read." - Joann

***** "I love this book. I can't wait to read her others. So glad I found it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet romance." - Hazel

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