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Memorable Fiction Books

Kanata's True North [Paperback Book]

Kanata's True North [Paperback Book]

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Inspired by a True Story.

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A story inspired by true events of a family’s struggle to survive harsh wilderness conditions and danger to forge a path in the land and community and ultimately make a place they call home.

Heartbroken and afraid, a lonely orphan girl is suddenly thrust into a large family as they journey far away from home to pioneer land and to survive the harsh wilderness of the Canadian North.

Still reeling from the death of her beloved mother, Kanata makes the long journey with the large Woodhayven family from Saskatchewan to Northern British Columbia.

Each one will have their hearts tested and out of necessity be forced to make sacrifices as they set out to tame a wild land, forge a new path and make the wilderness into a place they can call home.

In this first book of a 7 book series, Kanata must face her fears of abandonment and rejection and somehow learn to understand and find her place in her new family and in the new community that surrounds them.

Will she survive this harsh land and discover that for which her heart longs for most of all… acceptance, belonging and love?

This paperback book will be sent to the physical address that you add to your cart during checkout.

What Readers are saying:

***** "I am delighted to read and review Lorna Faith's new middle grade novel, Kanata's True North. This is the story of Kanata, who is orphaned at a young age, and is taken in by a new family. The family is in the process of moving north to a new homestead. Kanata struggles to understand her own identity and yearns to fit in with the new family and new life."

"She is leaving all she ever knew behind and faces fears and challenges. As does her new family. The novel is perfect for middle grade or even older teens or young adults in my opinion."

"The book is rich with character development and the details of life faced by a large family building a new homestead from scratch in a somewhat hostile land up north. There are value lessons woven throughout the story as Kanata grows to understand her own identity and how she overcomes adversity."

"And Kanata's fears and emotions are detailed wonderfully such that many young people will relate.""I highly recommend this novel and those that will follow in the series. And, by the way, this is the first middle grade book I have read as an adult and I totally enjoyed it too!"

"This novel is sure to become a new classic! Perfect for young people of all ages." ~Virginia, BookBub Reviewer 


***** "Very enjoyable. Kept me entertained, and was an easy read. I know students from grades 1-6 will for sure like it. I’ve worked in a school for 20 yrs, and this book, along with the rest of the series will be a great addition to any school library." ~DavidABurden, Amazon Reviewer

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