Collection: Women's Fiction Sweet Romantic Suspense

7 sisters, orphaned at a young age, were raised by their Grandfather and Grandmother in their cottage on the Island of Martha's Vineyard.

Each of the sisters moved away from the Island long ago, but after Gram's funeral, they discover they have inherited her rambling large cottage on Sweet Beach Cove and the twenty acres of land that surrounds it.

In Book #1, the sisters agree to give Lizzie's idea a chance -- and turn the cottage into an Inn. She has one year to make The Vineyard Inn profitable, or they will be forced to sell the house.

Can she do it?  What secrets will be discovered in that old house that will reveal mysteries kept for generations?

Will Lizzie be able to set aside her fears and open her heart to a second chance in love -- with the one man whom she never forgot -- her first love?