Collection: Women's Fiction Clean Romance Mystery Series

Seven sisters, orphaned and raised by their grandparents on the enchanting island of Martha's Vineyard, had all left the island behind, vowing never to return. 

But when their beloved grandmother passes away, they are drawn back to the place they once called home. 

As they gather for the reading of the will, they are stunned to discover that Grams left each of them a significant inheritance. 

But there's a catch - each gift is tied to a specific place on the island. What secrets could their grandmother have hidden within these gifts? And why is she leading them back to Martha's Vineyard after all these years? 

The sisters must unravel the mysteries of their grandmother's final wishes, but as they do, they uncover long-buried family secrets that threaten to tear them apart. 

A heartwarming tale of family, love, and forgiveness, this book will keep you hooked until the very end. 

If you love "Cottage by the Sea" by Debbie Macomber or "The One for Me" by Rachel Hanna, you'll love this second chance clean romance series. Grab your copy today! 

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