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Memorable Fiction Books

Anchoring Annaveta [eBook]

Anchoring Annaveta [eBook]

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This is Book #2 in the Russia to Canada Historical Clean Romantic Suspense Trilogy.

***SPOILER ALERT: Do not read further until you have read Answering Annaveta!***


A girl who just wants to belong. A group of terrorists who just want to end her.

It’s Russia 1914, and all is in upheaval.

A poor, peasant girl, Annaveta Travotsky discovers she is no longer safe. Orphaned at a young age after the suspicious deaths of her parents, she’s once again tormented by the terrorist group known as the Black Hand.

Annaveta flees, with her best friend Alex Wagner, to her wealthy aunt and uncle’s home in Odessa. She hopes to find a safe haven and instead uncovers a murderous plot.

Alex is loathe to leave the woman he loves alone and unprotected, but her family pressures him to join the war effort.

With his loyalties in question while his fears for Annaveta consume him, a tragedy rocks Odessa and seals his fate, forcing him to join the Imperial Russian Navy.

With Alex at war and Annaveta unprotected, the Black Hand is free to operate unchecked in Odessa.

Against the backdrop of corruption, murder and greed, Annaveta and Alex must fight for their lives to uncover the truth, protect their loved ones, and escape unharmed - before it’s too late.

The second in the Russia to Canada series, ANCHORING ANNAVETA is a fast-paced, action packed Historical Romance that explores the power of love and faith amid crime, terrorism and war of early 20th century Russia.

If you like Romance, heart-pounding suspense and friends who must fight like family, then you’ll love Lorna Faith’s latest entry in this heart-pounding historical romantic suspense series.

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Book Reviews:

***** "At last, Lorna Faith has released the second book in the trilogy of Annaveta's life story! I have only read the first four chapters and already the plot is laced with fear and suspense as the force of true love is being threatened and smothered. Will Annaveta every declare and accept Alex's love for her? Will she be mislead by a life of luxury she has never experienced before? Will her old enemies of the Black Hand successfully find revenge? Will love be enough to conquer all the dangers that surround her? Lorna Faith's vividly touching descriptions as she tells Annaveta's story will make it very hard to turn off your reading lamp late at night!" ~Amazon Reviewer

***** "Good read. Some interesting twists and turns. Enjoying the story." ~Fran

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