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Billionaire Clean Romance eBooks Bundle

Billionaire Clean Romance eBooks Bundle

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Over 1000 5 Star Reviews!

"This book was so good 5+ stars. The story was fantastic & well written. The characters were great. It had a little bit of suspense & excitement. Also a few tears. It was so much fun to read. I didn't put it down until the end." ~Amazon Reviewer

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An excerpt from Chapter One of The Billionaire's Marriage Pact...

Gripping the pen, Adam Stevenson's fingers shook as he scrawled in black ink the words. What woman do I know — and trust — who would agree to be my fake wife?

That was a question for which there was no immediate answer.

“I can see the sweat on your forehead from here.” Jack stepped quietly into the office. 

His brother closed the door, and leaned back against it in his usual cavalier way. 

The single scar that ran down his cheek was a gift he had received from one of the leaders of a human trafficking operation after he rescued a girl from their clutches. Adam admired Jack for his daring rescue and for standing up for what he believed in. 

“Mulling over possible wives from memories of old girlfriends?”

Adam shot a glance at his dark-haired brother and lifted an eyebrow. “I see you managed to get inside my office without alerting Mrs. Appleton.” 

He put the pen down, leaned back on his chair and grabbed a tissue, wiping the sheen of perspiration from his forehead. He picked up his coffee cup and took another drink, sending his brother a calculated look.

“What?” Jack walked over to the coffee pot and poured a mug of coffee. Taking a sip of the hot brew, he went to sit on one of the comfy leather chairs across from Adam. 

He snatched the notepad and read the top line before handing it back. “Hmm, so I was right. You are brainstorming, just like you used to whenever you had to make a serious decision. This time though, you’re not pacing.”

Adam blew out his cheeks and stood up. He walked toward the window hoping the incredible view would give him a better perspective on the big step he was about to take.

“Looks like I spoke too soon.” 

Adam turned to frown at his younger brother who pointedly stared at his shuffling feet back and forth in front of the window. “It really is annoying how well you know me.” Adam rubbed the back of his neck easing some of the tightness in his muscles.

“Okay, all teasing aside. I really came early, so I could help you.” Jack grabbed the notepad and pen. 

“How are you going to do that?” Adam folded his arms across his chest and found himself worrying a little over the mischievous smile that formed around Jack’s mouth.  

“You are going to brainstorm out loud, and I’m going to write your ideas down. Remember how we helped each other study for those difficult tests during college? This is a little like that, except this time you’re in need of a wife, fast.” 

Adam walked toward Jack, realizing that he needed help. It was true Jack knew him the best out of anyone. They grew up learning each other’s strengths as well as weaknesses and helping each other with both. Adam trusted Jack to help him sort through this new challenge too.

Adam sighed pushing back the emotional emptiness as he concentrated on qualities he wanted for his wife-in-name-only.

“All right, let’s do this thing.” 

Adam looked over Jack’s shoulder, staring at the notepad and stopped pacing. His heart staggered somewhat under the sudden weight of what he was about to do.

“Writing your ideas down will help figure this out.” Jack rested the pen under his chin, watching him.

“I’m not sure about that.” Adam paused, adjusting his collar before he went on. “But, I am willing to do whatever it takes. Okay then, let’s get this over and done.” 

Drinking more coffee, he swallowed and began. “As I’ve been thinking this through, I realized that it might be a good idea if I started writing down a list of old women friends and girlfriends. Maybe that will be a good jumping off point.”

“Let me have them.”

Adam continued. “First off, let’s cross Alicia Wentworth off the list. Since I found her cheating on me while we were engaged, she’s not someone I can trust.”

“Done.” Jack wrote her name and crossed it off. “So, tell me who you are considering.”

“As I have been thinking about all the single women I know, I’ve come up with three possible names.” Adam sighed. 

“And they are?”

“My high school girlfriend, Betty Johnson. Then there were the two women I dated in college, Lucille Moore and Amelia Thompson.” Adam ran a hand through his hair.

Jack scribbled the names onto the paper. “Okay, lets start with Betty. I’m afraid we’ll need to scratch her name off the list. Mom said she got engaged a month ago.”

Adam sighed. “Okay, that means I have two names left.”

“Well, about that. I’m afraid you only have one name.” Jack sighed. 

“Why’s that?” Adam lifted one eyebrow, wondering how his list of names could have been shortened so quickly.

“Because, when I ran into Lucille’s good friend Mia at a coffee shop a few weeks ago, she told me Lucille had decided to become a nun.” Jack glanced at him, over the brim of his coffee mug.

Adam closed his eyes sand rubbed his forehead. “I can’t believe it. Well, I guess I’ll need to call Amelia and see if she’ll agree to my plan.”

“Go ahead.” Jack walked to the coffee pot and poured himself more of the hot brew while Adam dialed Amelia’s number.

When he reached her, all he heard was Amelia’s voice on a recorded message.

“You’ve reached Amelia. I have just left for a year long sabbatical in Italy, so I won’t be available. However, if this is urgent you can call my parents and they will know how to get in touch with me. Thanks.” Amelia’s happy voice ended and the call ended.

Adam sighed in frustration. He turned to his brother. “I got Amelia’s answering machine. Sounds like she’s gone Italy for a year long sabbatical.” 

“Hmm. Looks all of your old girlfriends are not available or out of the country.” Jack grimaced.

“Yeah. That about sums it up.” Adam rubbed the back of his neck. He wondered how he was going to solve this problem. “It doesn’t change the fact that I need to find a wife fast.”

Jack looked over at him and asked. “Do you think you’ll find a woman who will agree to marry you in less than 30 days?”

“If she has the right incentive, yes.”

“The right incentive. Like what?” Jack glanced up at him.

Adam thought about it for a minute. “Well, I would need for her  to agree to a marriage-in-name only for one year. And I want her to agree that there won’t be any messy emotions involved.”

His brother wrote them down. “Those are unusual requests to ask of your wife.”

Fake wife.” Adam reminded his brother.

His brother shrugged and continued to write.

“Also, I’m not sure how you’ll be able to control how she feels about you.” Jack grimaced. 

Adam stopped pacing, turning to his brother in exasperation.

“All right. I’ll stop.” Jack raise both hands in mock surrender.

Adam nodded and continued walking around the office deep in thought. 

He played with his wristwatch as Jack finished writing down his ideas, still finding it hard to believe that he was actually doing this.

“So, I’ve got a question.” Jack thumped the pen against the notepad. “If you don’t want this to be a long-term marriage, how are you going to get this woman to agree to be your wife and stay married to you for the required one year?”

“I’m confident there is one woman out there who will be willing to agree to this marriage as a contract-only sort of arrangement. The million dollars she’ll get at the end of the year should influence her decision.” Adam didn’t doubt that there would be at least one woman willing to marry him for that amount of money.

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Likely you’ll find a woman who is willing to commit if she is desperate for the money.” Jack rubbed his chin and looked at Adam thoughtfully. “Seems like there’s not a lot of benefits to this relationship. It’s almost like you’re marrying a roommate.”

“Good, because that’s exactly how I want it to be.” Adam mentally sorted through all the women he dated and decided that most were either not to be trusted or wanted more from him than he was prepared to give. 

“I’m pretty sure mom wouldn’t approve of this plan, so that’s another reason I need my fake wife to be willing to commit to marriage for one year. I need our mother to believe that this marriage is for real and based on true love.”

“That’s a good idea, especially with Mom longing to hold grand babies on her lap soon.” Jack winked at Adam.

“That’s a role you can fulfill with your wife, not me. After all it’ll be your turn to marry in one year’s time.” Adam nearly laughed as he saw Jack’s face turn a little pale at the reminder. “I see you’re starting to have a glimpse of what I’m going through right now.”

“Yeah, maybe. But let’s get back to finding your wife.” 

Adam couldn’t help but smile at how quickly Jack turned the conversation back around.

He had such a short amount of time to find a wife. Would he be able to do it? It would be difficult to find a woman to agree to his terms, but he was determined to see this through.

Adam raked a hand through his hair. He hoped the name of a woman who would be a possible wife-candidate would suddenly spring to mind, but no name surfaced.

Jack stood to his feet and walked over to the large picture window.

Adam joined him. Turning to Jack, he saw a glint in his brother’s eyes.

“I recognize that look. You’ve had an idea.” Adam knew his brother well. “Well, don’t keep me in suspense. Let’s have it.”

A small smile turned up the corner’s of Jack’s mouth. “I’m not sure you’ll like the idea, but I’ll tell you anyway.”

Adam nodded.

“Do you remember when you used to work at Grand’s ranch, working with the horses? You mentioned you’d been getting to know the neighbor girl, Elle Jennings.” Jack’s dark eyes seemed to glue him to the floor.

“I do remember Elle.” Off and on throughout the years, Adam remembered his childhood friend. There were many good memories. But, the memory that haunted him, was the day her father died in the accident.

“Well, I also remember when you said and Elle had become really good friends. In fact, I remember you telling me, the two of you had made a pact. Do you remember that?” Jack grinned at the memory.

Adam gave his brother a grudging nod. “I do remember the pact I made with Elle. But, she was only nine years old at the time.”

“What exactly was this pact?”

He eyed Jack, and sighed. “It was Elle’s idea, but I went along with it.” 

Adam smiled at the vivid memory of Elle’s freckled face grinning up at him. “She said. ‘I really like you Adam. You’re a good friend. In fact, you’re my best friend. I think we should make a pact. I asked her what kind of pact? Elle told me, we should agree that if one of us doesn’t marry by the time you are twenty-seven years old, we should marry each other.’”

Jack grinned. “Since you’re about to turn twenty-seven, you are close to the age  you agreed on. I think you should talk to Elle. Maybe she would agree to marry you. You made a pact after all.”

Adam shook his head, annoyed at his brother. “We were children, Jack. That hardly counts.”

“Well, I still think you should talk to Elle. You never know. She might agree to this crazy idea. And you’re starting to run out of options.” His brother’s reminder of the 30 day deadline, was sobering. 

“I’ll think about it. But, that’s all I’m promising.” Adam sighed heavily.

As his brother walked back to grab another cup of coffee, Adam continued to stare out the window.

His thoughts were on Elle. 

The last time he saw her, it was her father’s funeral. She had been angry and blamed him for her dad’s death. The roads had been icy and when the truck careened into the ditch, her dad died.

Regret still haunted him over what happened.

Maybe she was still angry with him. Would she be willing to talk to him? 

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Love the story, characters, and plot line. It would make a great Hallmark movie!"


Come and enjoy your stay at the small town of Paradise Lake and disappear into the pages of these heartwarming clean romance books.



This clean romance series begins with The Billionaire's Marriage Pact. Each story  follows the lives of the Stevenson brothers. The Bonus Novella is the story of how their parents fell in love!

These are small town, clean romance books with no bad language or sex scenes.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "A sensational story that will make your heart beat faster. Lots of Trials and tribulations that keeps you reading. A great series!" `Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I love the Cinderella spin on this. Their romance was a sure thing from the beginning. It was written well, and I couldn't put it down." ~Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This was such a beautiful story. The storyline was so touching. I loved reading about people who have been abused or hurt getting the help they need. Wish there was more of that in real life, but reading about it still gives a person hope. A beautiful story of love, compassion and family." ~Reviewer


Book 1: The Billionaire's Marriage Pact

Book 2: The Billionaire's Marriage Contract

Book 3: The BIllionaire's Marriage Promise

Book 4: The Billionaire's Marriage Barter

Book 5: The Billionaire's Marriage Pledge

BONUS Novella - The Millionaire's Marriage Vow

*Note: These are digital ebook downloads, and not paperback books.


Each book in this series follows each one of the wounded-by-love Stevenson brothers: Adam, Jack, Gabe, Luke and Zach. You'll also meet the feisty, but flawed Heroines: Elle, Bella, Rory, Razelle and Cassie. In the Bonus ebook, you'll have a chance to read how the parents -- Daniel and Eliza -- fell in love!

These love stories are clean, so you won't have to worry about sex scenes or crude language. Many readers have said that they can't put these books down! Take a minute to read the reviews to see what other readers are saying about this Billionaire Clean Romance series.


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