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Pre-Order Kanata's True Courage [eBook]

Pre-Order Kanata's True Courage [eBook]

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A story inspired by true events of a family’s struggle to survive harsh wilderness conditions and danger to forge a path in the land and community and ultimately make a place they call home.

A lonely orphan girl struggles to learn how to cope and adapt to a life of survival and growth in this new harsh wilderness of the Canadian North.

As Kanata and her family begin to homestead this barren land, they will have their hearts tested and out of necessity be forced to make sacrifices as they set out to tame a wild land and make it into a place they call home.

In this second book of a 7 book series, Kanata must face her fears as she learns to defend herself from wild animals, tries to save her brother's life and struggles to find where she belongs in her new family and community.

Will Kanata survive the struggles and tests and ultimately find what her heart longs for most of all… acceptance, belonging and love?


Pre-Order Kanata's True Courage Today!

The ebook will be sent to you on May 30, 2023.

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