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Pre-Order The Wounded Cowboy's Beauty Bride [Paperback Book]

Pre-Order The Wounded Cowboy's Beauty Bride [Paperback Book]

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She was so innocent, lovely and gentle — and the one woman that stirred his heart towards love. But he’d hurt her. Would he get a second chance to right old wrongs?

The day Dakota Callahan left their small town, Sarah was glad.

He was the man she had secretly loved for years. He saved her from the horrible man who tried to kidnap her as a teenager.

But the last time she saw him, Dakota had been facing so much grief, loss and pain that he had overstepped his boundaries with her.

It had shaken Sarah to her core.

Now two years later, Dakota was back. To her, this man was larger than life and twice as dangerous.

Sarah was worried that she would fall for him a second time. This time she feared, the heartache would be more than she could bear.

Dakota couldn’t believe he was back. As he followed the trail of a missing child and her kidnapper, it led him straight to his home town. Worse, now he found himself on the mountain, hurt and in pain.

As a former FBI agent, he was used to tracking criminals and finding missing persons. Being weak and vulnerable was something he hated.

So, when the beautiful Sarah MacDonald finds him limping and in pain, trying to walk down the mountain, he chafes at having to depend on her for help.

Sarah insisted Dakota come to stay with her grandfather Angus MacDonald and her in their small cabin until he was fully healed.

When an angry man — a neighbor on the mountain — tries to force Sarah to marry him, Dakota steps in and offers the unthinkable… a marriage of convenience.

Trouble comes their way and Dakota has to use all his skills to keep Sarah close to protect her, while still protecting his heart.

Will being forced together tear Dakota and Sarah apart, or throw them towards true love?

This Paperback is a Pre-Order to be delivered on March 30, 2024.

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