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Storytelling Made Simple: [eBook Pre-Order]

Storytelling Made Simple: [eBook Pre-Order]

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Only Available to Pre-Order on my website. Your eBook will be delivered to your inbox on October 30, 2024.

Are you struggling to get clear on the idea you have for your novel?

Maybe you have a spark of an idea or maybe you've sketched out a short summary of an idea you're excited to write.

But, you might be frustrated because you're unsure of how to gain clarity on the idea you have for your novel.

If uncertainty of how to begin your novel has hindered your ability to write it, this book will help you.

In this book you’ll learn how to...

1. Discover the ideas and topics that spark your passion.

2. Tie-in memories from your own life with themes and story tropes that inspire you.

3. Write a summary of your story idea.

4. Brainstorm a one sentence punchy novel premise that captivates readers.

5. Dig deeper into your Main Character’s backstory: wounds, fears, motivation, goals and desires.

6. Understand your Main Secondary Character: their personality, backstory, wounds, motivation, goals and desires.

7. Get a vivid picture of who your villain is and what is her/his motivation for trying to stop the Hero or Heroine from reaching their goals.

8.Brainstorm and sketch out your story’s five main foundational elements.

Working through the simple steps above and asking deeper questions, is the first step to converting your idea into a story that you can begin writing.

If your story is not fleshed out, you will find it difficult work with and you’ll lose time when it could have been spent getting to really know your story and writing your first draft quickly.

Ready to push past obstacles holding you back from beginning your novel?

Learn the simple steps to brainstorm your novel and write it with joy and passion today!


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Only Available to Pre-Order on my website. Your ebook will be delivered to your inbox on October 30, 2024.

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