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The Billionaire's Marriage Contract [eBook]

The Billionaire's Marriage Contract [eBook]

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This is eBook #2 in the Clean Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance series. It will be delivered by BookFunnel to your email inbox.

A Beauty and the Beast Sweet & Clean Romance Retelling…

A Billionaire recluse, a woman who is desperate to save her father, and a marriage of convenience.

A car accident has left Jack Stevenson haunted by the death of his wife and unborn son. Suffering with deep scars both physically and emotionally, he's hardened his heart to love.

Folks across their small town, know him as the Beast. He keeps to himself, hidden in his large home on the mountain, content to stay away from people.

Without warning, all of that changes when Jack learns that his Great-Grandfather's will stipulates he must marry by his 27th birthday to receive his inheritance.

He only has 60 days to marry.

Beautiful Bella Campbell is determined to prove her independence to her father. But with her Dad's unexpected heart attack, she is forced to take her father's place to finish the design contract for the Beast.

Jack agrees to hire the Beauty, but only if she agrees to a fake marriage for one year.

Love wasn't part of the plan.

When their marriage of convenience turns into something more than they expected can Beauty tame the Beast, leave behind their fears and find beauty in loving each other?

Grab your eBook of The Billionaire’s Marriage Contract today to satisfy your craving for small town, second chance sweet and clean romance.

This is eBook #2 in the Clean Billionaire Fake Marriage Romance series. It will be delivered by BookFunnel to your email inbox.

Reviews for The Billionaire's Marriage Contract:

***** "
This is the second book in the series. A modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast, this story is filled with mystery, intrigue, action and adventure. Ms. Archer did a wonderful job of developing the characters into strong, likable people. I really liked the characters Bella and Jack. Bella is a strong and willful girl. Jack is the wounded hero - demanding but full of love. They come together in a marriage of convenience but get out of it so much more than they bargained for. This is a beautifully written story with emotion and depth and it was a delight to read." -Momof5

***** "
Once again Melody Archer has brought a great clean romance novel to her readers! You fell drawn to all the characters and thay seem to come to life as you read each page." -Gammie

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