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The Honorable Cowboy's Convenient Marriage [eBook]

The Honorable Cowboy's Convenient Marriage [eBook]

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This is eBook #3 in the 7 Brides for 7 Cowboys, Sweet Western Romance series. It will be delivered immediately by BookFunnel to your email inbox.

She was so innocent, lovely and gentle — and the one woman that stirred his heart towards love. But he’d hurt her. Would he get a second chance to right old wrongs?

The day Dakota Callahan left their small town, Sarah was glad.

She had loved him secretly loved for years, but the last time he came back home, Dakota he had hurt her.

It had shaken Sarah to the core.

Now two years later, Dakota was back and Sarah worried she would fall for him a second time. This time she feared, the heartache would be more than she could bear.

Dakota couldn’t believe following the trail of a missing child, had led him back to his home town of Refuge Mountain.

As a former FBI agent, he had years of tracking and finding missing persons.

When trouble follows and his childhood friend Sarah, finds him limping and in pain, he chafes at being forced to depend on her for help.

But, when she insists he stay with her grandfather and her in their small cabin until the wound fully heals, Dakota agrees.

More threats arrive at their small mountain cabin, when a neighbor tries to force Sarah to marry him. Dakota steps in and offers to protect her with an unthinkable proposal... a marriage of convenience.

Will Dakota be able to keep Sarah close enough to protect her, while still protecting his heart?

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Reviews for The Honorable Cowboy's Convenient Marriage:

***** "Lifelong friends Dakota and Sarah embark on a marriage of convenience that is to their mutual benefit and also on a background of trying to find a kidnapped child. Likeable characters, especially when they get out of their own way and admit their true feelings. Enjoyable read." -Ali

***** "Life will show us that no matter what road we take in life eventually the road will turn to the path that you are supposed to be on. I would love to read the rest of these series and will have to figure out a way to get them back together.

Sarah has been in love with Dakota since elementary school and he has loved her since they were children playing together. But both of them have had horrible things happen in their lives and have closed themselves off to love.

A letter from Dakota's father asks him to do a favor for him after his death and Dakota takes on the challenge. Sarah's stepfather who has always been abusive to her and ended up putting her in the hospital as a child is getting out of jail and she is scared of what is going to happen.

In the meantime, she has been taking care of her grandfather and he refuses to leave the mountain as long as she needs a place to live. The only way she can get him to go is if she gets married and he doesn't feel that he needs to provide her a home.

Dakota and Sarah want to make people happy, so they initiate a plan to succeed in doing the request of the special people in their lives. Fate though has other options on their Marriage of convenience. Great book." ~MMZeigler

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