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The Redeemed Cowboy's Secret Baby [eBook}

The Redeemed Cowboy's Secret Baby [eBook}

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This is eBook #2 in the 7 Brides for 7 Cowboys, Sweet Western Romance series. It will be delivered immediately by BookFunnel to your email inbox.

She’s his first love and the one woman he could never forget. He’s the Cowboy she fell in love with and the same man who left her at the altar years ago...

Sierra Baxter’s life was thrown into turmoil when the man she loved bolted out of her life years ago.

Since the day he left, she has worked hard to give her son the security he needs, living and working in her small town.

When the town council volunteers Sierra to be the host of Refuge Mountain’s yearly Christmas Fair, she agrees.

Without warning, Denver suddenly returns to their small town. To make matters worse, the town council eagerly chooses him to be her co-host for Refuge Mountain’s annual Christmas Fair.

She worries that the secret she’s hidden from him for the past six years is about to be uncovered.

Denver Callahan returns home filled with regret at how he messed things up between them.

He’d been far too young and made the worst mistake of his life when he left Sierra at the altar.

Years ago, he chose the love of music over his first love. But, he’d never forgotten her — the scent of her or her beautiful smile.

Seeing the woman he loves once more, Denver’s attraction to her is stronger than ever. But, years of neglect and betrayal sit between them like unbreakable walls.

Would Sierra forgive him for all the pain and heartache he’s caused her? Maybe not. But, Denver’s determined to ask for forgiveness anyway.

After all these years, Sierra is still his forever girl.

Will Denver pick up his cowboy hat and cowboy boots and return home to stay? Can he convince Sierra that he will choose her this time... his first and forever love?

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Reviews for The Redeemed Cowboy's Secret Baby:

***** "Wonderful and entertaining story with a few twists and turns. There is drama and romance. Interesting characters. Holidays always add an interesting twist to any story. Good read." -Rhonda

***** "Sierra Baxter and Denver Callahan where to be married seven years ago but he walked away to start his music career, never knowing she was pregnant with their son Cody. He is back in town and they are forced to work together, co-hosting their small town’s Christmas Fair. This story has drama, kidnapping, twists, and turns, and love that never really went away. I enjoyed reading." -Barj

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