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Your Free Copy of The Millionaire's Marriage Vow [eBook]

Your Free Copy of The Millionaire's Marriage Vow [eBook]

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A life of drudgery she can't escape. A handsome and wealthy man she can't ignore. A stepfather determined to ruin her chance for happiness...

Daniel Stevenson's life is well planned out by his parents and grandparents. Marry a socialite from among their wealthy group of friends and take over the family business.

There's only one problem: Daniel longs to be released from his gilded cage to pursue his own dreams and goals.

At the annual Christmas dance, Daniel meets Eliza... and he falls in love. Her beauty, passion and acceptance of the man he is, inspires and captivates him.

Eliza Sullivan, is struggling to make ends meet. With her mom's illness with cancer, along with her ruthless stepfather, Eliza is at the end of her rope and in need of help.

Through her best friend's surprising plans, Eliza ends up at the annual Stevenson Christmas dance. There she meets Daniel Stevenson and is swpet off her feet.

He pursues her relentlessly, but fears hold her back from accepting his love.

Can she overcome her self-doubt, fears and feelings of unworthiness to truly embrace his love?

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